5 Reasons To Love Ocean Swimming!

by Surf Lifesaving World Champion Laura Quilter It’s the four-wheel drive of swimming. Ocean swimming is a uniquely rewarding experience. As a sprint swimmer, ocean swimming is actually well outside my bubble of comfort! Laps in the pool is like driving a sports car, every movement is refined and controlled to maximise efficiency. Ocean swimming […]

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Jetstar Elite Swimmer Blog – Part 7

  It’s that time of the year again when the final race of the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series is near. Many races have been swum, many laps and strokes have been turned over in the training pool and many Eggs Bennies have been consumed. Well, I’ve consumed a lot of Eggs Benny in the […]

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Six Important Nutrients to help with Performance and Recovery

No amount of any herb or nutrient is going to take you from the couch to the podium without your dedication to proper training and nutrition. However, if you’re already doing what you can in terms of diet and exercise, then adding a daily supplement to enhance the effects of your training can serve as […]

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The Mental Edge – Relaxation and Concentration

“RELAXATION & CONCENTRATION – The heart and soul of mental toughness” Let’s start with some real basics here: If you want to become a champion and take your game to the highest level possible then you have to be sure that you train like a champion. What does this mean? The most obvious part of […]

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Jetstar Elite Swimmer Blog – Part 6

As a young boy I was fortunate enough to be able to try almost all mainstream sports during school – finding that I was highly un-coordinated at most of them. After knocking over hurdles, jumping face first into the sandpit while attempting to Long Jump and plodding along the running track with big flat feet, […]

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New to Ocean Swimming? Tips for Beginners

Firstly, always start by warming up – it increases blood flow to all parts of your body, hence helps to avoid that “shock” you might feel when the gun goes and you hit the water for the first time. Secondly, aim to contain your nervous energy in the first few minutes and instead take it […]

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Jetstar Elite Swimmer Blog – Part 5

Recovery after a race is just as, if not more important, than the training process involved in getting ready for the race. Just like the Jetstar planes – if they aren’t refuelled after each flight they won’t be able to take off again, the human body is exactly the same. If it isn’t refuelled and […]

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Tips for Optimal Recovery

The faster, more efficiently you can recover – the stronger your body will be. That’s because during recovery, your body repairs the ‘damage’ you’ve done. Recovery is when you reap the benefits of your training. Here are 5 ways to speed up your recovery.   1. Nutrition –protein and carbohydrates The primary fuel source for […]

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Make Your Strokes Count

Swimming efficiency always leads to speed. Without it, you can aim to get fit and thereby improve your swimming, but as soon as you lose that fitness you’ll be back to square one. And that’s a frustration familiar to many of you reading this right now.. Lasting effective technique relies on learning to drop your […]

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Jetstar Elite Swimmer Blog – Part 4

The Topgun Pilots at Jetstar always put a great deal of planning into how to get from A to B in the most efficient of ways and, fortunately for us – although not as much study is involved, we as open water swimmers can practice our sighting techniques so that we can get around the […]

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