A Family Affair for Waiuku Youngsters

We love that with the four different distances on offer at our events, this gives the opportunity for family members of different ages and swimming abilities to all take part in an event together.

At the King of the Bays event this season there were four siblings from the Peverley family that took part in various distances across the day – Susannah (15), Daniel (13), Jesse (11) and Zoe (9). Susannah took part in the 2.8km ‘I’m Going Long’ distance, Daniel the 1km event and Jesse and Zoe the Banana Boat OceanKids 200m event.

With a strong passion for swimming since beginning lessons as an infant, older sister Susannah took it upon herself to motivate her younger siblings with their swimming training. She encouraged and organised for them all to take part in the King of the Bays swim as part of the training programmes she created for them.

To prepare for the 2.8km distance herself, Susannah trained at her local swim club four times a week as well as morning sessions at the pool as early as 7am.

Fiona Peverley, mother of the four children said “All the kids are really confident in the water. I made up my mind to put them all into swimming lessons at a young age and it has paid off. I am very proud of Susannah as it was all her idea to get everyone involved in the swim!”

We checked in with them following the event and they all enjoyed the fun atmosphere of the day and each are very keen to do it again.

Daniel thought “The best part was running up the beach and crossing the finish line, it was very invigorating and awesome!”

Zoe said “It was great being there and very exciting when I first touched the water”

Susannah rounded out her experience by saying “It was such an enjoyable event, everything about it was so fun and exciting. I will definitely be doing it again and maybe do more of the Series as well. One day a dream of mine is to go to places such as Samoa and Australia to swim and this event was a great stepping stone for me. Totally recommend this for anyone who loves a challenge as it is so rewarding!”

Thanks to the Peverley family for taking part and sharing their experience with us all 🙂