Dryland workout you can do at home

by Andrew Mackay The aim of creating this was to put together a basic plan that could assist someone wanting to improve their swimming that didn’t have access to a gym to complete this. These sessions could be lengthened by completing more sets or reps but a guideline is provided on the video. The goal […]

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Arm Recovery and its effect on body position

by Andrew Mackay The arm recovery technique you use can significantly influence the body position in the water. Having coached a large number of adults most struggle to clearly identify what they are doing during the arm recovery as their perception of the arm movement is often quite different than the reality. If you are […]

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Making allowance for tides

I did my first ocean swims last year and was surprised at the number of beginner and expert swimmers who didn’t seem to understand how the tides worked on the swims they were undertaking. As a professional mariner and scuba diver I have a close relationship with tidal flows and their effects. If you have […]

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Things to do in the week leading up to your swim

by Carl O’Donnell: Former New Zealand Swimming Champion and 2012 London Olympian So you have entered the Banana Boat New Zealand Ocean Swim Series and suddenly you have only one week left to prepare for your event. There are a few things I recommend you do, or do not do, in this last week to […]

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Goggle Hacks for Open Water

by Carl O’Donnell: Former New Zealand Swimming Champion and 2012 London Olympian Any swimmer will know the frustration of having goggle troubles in the middle of a swim. Blinding sunstrike or a bad case of fog can really take away from the enjoyment of open water swimming. I have several goggle hacks that can remedy […]

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Kick Start Your Training

by Carl O’Donnell: Former New Zealand Swimming Champion and 2012 London Olympian As summer approaches and your first ocean swim nears, it’s a great time to get in some early preparation. These things always come around quicker than you thought, so take the pressure off your first event by being prepared. Starting your training early […]

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Eating for Success: Fail Proof Tips for Pre-Season Training

by Surf Life Saving World Champion, Laura Quilter *Honesty Disclosure! I’m not a qualified nutritionist or dietitian. My suggestions and ideas come from personal experience and observation of other athletes. Nutrition is complex, there are two sides to every idea / study / claim, and I would suggest seeking professional guidance for any major queries […]

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A Family Affair for Waiuku Youngsters

We love that with the four different distances on offer at our events, this gives the opportunity for family members of different ages and swimming abilities to all take part in an event together. At the King of the Bays event this season there were four siblings from the Peverley family that took part in […]

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Race Day Nutrition

by Surf Lifesaving World Champion Laura Quilter Racing is just around the corner and excitement is starting to build. As you wind up for an event, ensuring you fuel your body with the right foods can help you get the most out of the day. With swimming events, my preparation usually begins about three days […]

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Swim Tip 15 – Catching Waves

  This Swim Tip has been created by the experts at Boast Coaching “Feel Relaxed, Set Up the day, Gain Confidence with Boost Coaching’s – Seven Secrets to Swimming Success” Learn More

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