Ocean Swimming Drills in Pool – Part 1

by Carl O’Donnell: Former New Zealand Swimming Champion and 2012 London Olympian While many of us head to the pool in the colder seasons, it’s still important to keep up those ocean swimming skills. One of the ocean swimming skills that can be practiced easily in the pool is dolphin diving. Check out the video […]

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Improve Mental Health with Swimming

by Char Jackson (nee Young) Just like our physical health, we also need to look after our mental health. Like physical health problems, mental health problems are very common. In New Zealand, nearly half the population will meet the criteria for a mental illness diagnosis at some stage during their lives, and one in five […]

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Effective Swim Training

by Andrew Mackay The King of the Bays is the final race of the Series and for those that have pushed themselves through the season I’d recommend taking some time after this event to pull back on the swimming and offer the body an opportunity to recover, as well as providing a mental break from […]

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Mobility to Make You More Efficient in the Water

by Carl O’Donnell: Former New Zealand Swimming Champion and 2012 London Olympian One of the best ways to improve your swimming and overall wellbeing in the long term is to become more mobile. Changing and improving technique is good of course, however you need to be flexible enough to make these changes. Being mobile helps […]

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Everyday Swimmers Update

Time for an update from our 2018 Banana Boat NZ Ocean Swim Series Everyday Swimmers! The “Everyday Swimmers” are regular New Zealanders who have never done a NZ Ocean Swim Series event before. We have been sharing their journey of preparing for the event with you, right up until event day. If you haven’t met […]

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The Zen of Swimming – Eating and drinking right to perform your best

Jon started doing ocean races about 15 years ago, including all the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series. As a swimmer without a previous competitive background he has had to work on ways of becoming more efficient and smart with training and racing. He wrote the ebook “The Zen of Swimming” to look at how to […]

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Generation Homes Hometown Heroes

As part of Generation Homes’ partnership with the Sand to Surf event we asked for nominations of special people in the ocean swimming community so that we could find 3 deserving “Generation Homes Hometown Heroes”. We had some great nominations come through but the standouts who were named our “Generation Homes Hometown Heroes” for 2018 […]

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Changing technique between pool and open water

by Andrew Mackay Arm Turnover – is important in the water as a slow arm turnover gives the open water elements the opportunity to move you in the direction it wants you to. If you can maintain the turnover through each arm stroke you will maintain better forward momentum and minimise your displacement. Ability to […]

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Swimming and Health

by Char Young 5 ways swimming can help improve your physical and mental health: 1. Regular swimming can help reduce your risk of major health complications. Exercise, like swimming, which works your cardiorespiratory system, can help reduce the risks of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, various respiratory diseases and some cancers. 2. […]

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Motivation – how do I find it?!

by Char Young Motivation, or lack of, can be one of biggest barriers when it comes to taking up a new challenge. We are often inspired to try a new event, but finding the motivation to transfer the initial inspiration into an action can be a challenging task. Additionally once you have entered the event, […]

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