Everyday Swimmers

Hello New Zealand Ocean Swim Series Community!

We know how intimidating completing an ocean swim can be to some people. So we have found three people who have never done a Banana Boat New Zealand Ocean Swim Series event, and we will be sharing their journeys to the start line with you!

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I am excited to introduce our Everyday Swimmers for 2018!



My name is Thalia and I am 23 years old, from Auckland.

I’m going to be entering the ‘Give it a Go’ 500m at King of the Bays event in Auckland. I’ve never done any ocean swimming before, although I have previously done a bit of swimming in swim squads. I play hockey in the winter, and a good friend has been trying to get me from the pool into the ocean for a while now!

I’m a student at UoA, and am doing an honours year this year in Exercise Physiology. I’m passionate about exercise and health/well being, and ocean swimming will definitely be a new challenge for me as I’ve never done anything like this before!



Hi my name is Lisa Ison, I’m 38, married and mother of two. I’ve just started open swimming in December again. I’ve lost 70kg and enjoying being back swimming and healthy again.

The Banana Boat New Zealand Ocean Swim series is giving me goals to keep training hard. I will swim in the King of the Bays ‘I’m Going Long’.

I blog my life journey on Facebook. feel free to pop over and have a look. It’s called “Lisa’s Journey” and it just shows the ups and down of my weight loss journey after having a gastric sleeve and plastic surgery.



My name is Ralph and I am 26 years old, from Auckland. I will be swimming the ‘I’m Going Long’ at the King of the Bays in Auckland.

I’m a uni student studying private cloud. I like to go paddle boarding, cycling and adventure running to mix things up. I’ve always done my swimming in the pool and quite excited to get into ocean swimming.